We set top service quality standards

We have been your reliable leaflet distribution partner since 1983. Since 2021, we have also been providing you with advice and support as a media sales agency, effectively implementing your ideas.

The GIS system

To provide our customers with top quality leaflet distribution, we use a geo-information system, or GIS for short. The GIS collects, processes and analyses the structural data of each distribution area.

Using complex and very fast algorithms based on geodata combined with current OpenStreetMap (OSM) information, we can define and represent districts and delivery routes.

Among other things, the leaflet insertion process, leaflet loading times and the average speed of the delivery persons are also taken into account. This allows us to work out and optimise the routes of our leaflet distributors.

The Sitma gathering and inserting machine

In July 2015, the production hall was modified and expanded, and on 12 May, 2015 the first production took place on the Sitma gathering and inserting machine.

Facts and figures:

  • 26 leaflets can be processed simultaneously
  • 10,000 leaflet sets are created per hour
  • More than 455,000 households are processed by machine every week in 3 shifts

Quality management

From the supply of the individual leaflets to the delivery of the leaflet set to the end consumer's letterbox, all the individual steps follow a defined routine.

In addition, our quality assurance department records all customer feedback and complaints. We immediately work on a solution together with our field staff and the in-house call centre.

Work-life balance

A comfortable work-life balance and the health of employees are two fundamental factors of the personnel policy of Armin Diehl GmbH.

Fresh fruit is available free of charge each week as well as subsidised lunches.

One lunchtime a week people meet to meditate, and some employees meet up weekly for sports activities with a personal trainer.

Social projects

"Förderverein Tiernothilfe Siebenbürgen e.V." animal welfare association

"Förderverein Tiernothilfe Siebenbürgen e. V." was founded in 2016 by 7 employees of Armin Diehl GmbH and friends. There is one thing they are all passionate about: Protecting animals and giving them a chance at life.

For more information about the welfare association, go to www.tiernothilfe-ev.de

"Kinderhilfe Eckental GmbH" child welfare association

For many years we have been supporting the "Trösterteddys" campaign for sick children in our region. We sponsored performances by the "Trösterteddys" and clowns.

Our office dogs

…if we didn't allow dogs in the office, who would?! Contact with our animal friends not only stimulates the release of oxytocin, which helps lower blood pressure and stress levels, office dogs also strengthen social cohesion and promote bonding, trust and social interaction at work. We at Armin Diehl GmbH are very fond of our office dogs and believe that our little pet co-workers have a positive impact on the working climate – we feel this every day!